Gala Planning

A successful auction requires careful planning, knowledge of the product and market, proper promotion and careful attention to details.  There are a lot of moving parts that must come together to make the most of your largest annual opportunity to fund your cause.

With volunteer managed events, your ideas, nuances and expertise for running events are limited.  Because Chad Coe has worked with scores of organizations and studies best practices year round, he is a valuable collaborator in assuring your organization makes the most of your gala opportunity.

The Auctioneer is Only One Piece of the Puzzle

How will you assure that all the pieces fall into place?

Charity Auction Services Puzzle

In addition to performing at your event, Chad can collaborate, train and motivate your staff.  Chad can also help acquire auction items and assist in marketing and promotion, He is an expert in developing winning strategies for increasing your financial results. He can also assist with:

  • Planning
  • Procuring Compelling Auction Items
  • Timelines
  • Trusted Auction Service Providers
  • A Quality Sound System – Audio and Visual Resources – read more

Contact Chad to learn how you can utilize his expertise to help you plan a more successful event.